PeerEx Network Staking Details & other Updates

PeerEx Community,

We are overwhelmed with the kind of support we have garnered since our launch. In 10 days of our projects existence we have been able to create a dedicated and vibrant community. And due to the efforts of our community we have been able to get listed on Poloniex as well.
With out wasting much of your time lets jump straight to the topic of staking.
As we all know staking is the hot topic in defi space & investors in defi space expect good APR on their investments.

Keeping these things in mind PeerEx staking will be delivered through the Ferrum Network’s staking program. Due to recent partnership with the Ferrum Network, PeerEx investors will be able to stake their PeerEx holdings to generate passive income. 15 Million PeerEx tokens will be available for the first year of our staking program.

PeerEx holders can choose between 2 different staking pools when they’re locking their tokens. Holders will gradually generate rewards over the staking time frame with the full percentage being realized at the terminus of the designated time frame. Holders can reclaim their tokens and accumulated rewards at full maturity, but additionally have an option to withdraw early if they opt to unstake some or all of their principal.

PeerEx Network staking will be carried out via two staking pools, with maximum percentage allocated for long term holders. Maximum of 10 Million Perx can be deposited in each pool.

Pool Details:

Premium Pool: 12 Months lock up

Annual Yield : 90%,

Early withdrawal available after 9 months.

Classic Pool: 6 month lock up

Annual Yield : 60%

Early withdrawal after 3 months.

15 million Perx rewards will be issued through the staking pools with 9 Million issued to Premium pool and 6 Million to Classic. All the tokens left out of allocated 15 Million in case of some early withdrawals will be burned at the end of the first year of staking program.

Surprise:Due to this unexpected support from our community and the level of support and trust we have received since our launch, we decided to pay attention to what our community demands & hence we will be burning 15 Million tokens and reducing our supply further to 325 Million. 10 Million tokens will be burned from team allocation and 5 million from airdrop allocation as it wont make sense to give out free tokens & any further airdrop or bounty will be covered from marketing allocation.

Upcoming Events:

1: We have secured listing with a top tier exchange, integration and listing is expected to be complete anytime next week and as usual to avoid speculations we will wait for Exchange to announce the listing.

2: We are also discussing a partnership with another established project in crypto sphere regarding real time data feed of our upcoming platform, and details will be made available to our community soon.

3: We are pushing our development team to publish codes on Github & shall be taken care of in the month of September.

Thank You for your support,

PeerEx Network.





A decentralized P2P Erc20 exchange market and lending platform. $Perx Telegram :

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PeerEx Network

PeerEx Network

A decentralized P2P Erc20 exchange market and lending platform. $Perx Telegram :

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