Pbull Airdrop & Beta Testing Updates

Hello PeerEx Community,
Last week has been really great for PeerEx Network, With all the updates scheduled for next 1 month, we garnered some really amazing coverage due to the support and patience of our esteemed community.
So today we will be covering several updates that community has been patiently waiting for-

1)Beta Testing- We will be starting our beta testing from 02/16/2021,We will be selecting 25 Unique users from our community who will be given access to our beta platform, and they can use our platform in beta phase to earn back their partial gas fees while trading through PeerEx Network.
Interested candidates can fill the following form if you have minimum holding of 100000 Perx. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdxjUxDyXXSp3kqvF4bDTwVs1qeB54RkjHNF_43evkVXZCQ_w/viewform
More details regarding beta testing will be shared in our telegram group.

2)Perx Bull Token Airdrop- Considering the feedback from our community, we have decided to allocate 25% of total Pbull airdrop for all the perx holders distributed equally amongst all the perx holders below 600000, and the rest of the 75% will be allocated for Perx Holders above 600000, we will be including all the wallets that have tokens locked in Unifyre wallet for staking. Snapshot will be taken at a random time after 18:00 PM CST giving enough time to all the community members to adjust their holdings accordingly followed by distribution of Pbull before the end of the day.

3) Staking- We will be launching another Perx Bonus pool in association with Ferrum Network by 27 Feb 2021, The APR for this pool will be 125% with Reward Pool Size of 5 Million Perx.

As for development update, we are right on schedule with previously announced launch dates, But its a request to our community to please be considerate that we are a small team and we mostly work remotely, so some delays are not intentional but sometimes unavoidable looking at current situation, we have strong team and vision to make PeerEx a great example for community driven decentralised network and we are also looking at other chains to expand our reach and community, more details will be shared in our next medium article.
Thank you for your support and patience.
PeerEx Network

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