Hello PeerEx Community,
To begin with we would like to apologise to our community for delay in development and lack of communication from our side.
Due to some unavoidable circumstances we had to let go off the few team members from our development team that we hired, due to difference in opinion which led to delay in certain aspects of the project causing over burden on our internal developer but we assure you we never stopped working. After several regrouping sessions we have finally found a balance and we are working towards getting our pace back.
On development front we have completed the backend development of exchange platform, lending part will be added few months later(exact date will be announced soon)
The reason we delayed the beta testing was due to several bugs which killed the seamless interface that we aspired to achieve.
We will be launching beta testing phase from 13 Feb 2021 to 20 Feb 2021.
We are aiming to launch our dex with transaction mining feature by first week of March.
We were also eying another partnership for staking but the project we were aiming to partner with seems to have lost its path but as per our commitment with the community we will be launching another staking pool with Ferrum Network, details & reward structure of Special staking pool will be announced on 13th Feb along with the launch of our beta testing.
We have also worked upon developing our own aggregator exchange with 0 fees structure for PeerEx holder and partial gas fees refund via transaction mining of Perx thus increasing the use case of Perx.
The detailed roadmap for 2021 will be updated on our website in 48 hours time giving more clarity to the community about the new timeline and future plans.
And we would also like to give some clarity to the community in regards to the publishing of codes on github-
1- Complete Platform development
2- Code Audit via third party
3- Github Codes will be published.
Please understand getting our codes audited via reputed third party is a very important step in regards to the future success of PeerEx Network, And its an expensive affair, We will start third party audit after successful beta testing, followed by github code release.

We understand delays in projects development and lack of communication leads to heavy financial losses for the supporters of our project but we are committed to make this project a success, we might have hit the roadblocks but we never gave up and we would also like to extend our gratitude to our community for keeping their trust in us.

Thank You for your support,

PeerEx Network.

Website: https://peerex.network/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PeerExNetwork
Telegram: https://t.me/PeerEx_Network

A decentralized P2P Erc20 exchange market and lending platform. $Perx Telegram : http://t.me/PeerEx_Network