Hello Peerex Community,
As we all are well aware that Eth network is next to unuseable, and with that said &with current levels of Eth transaction fees, the transaction mining platform is not a successful idea to implement with the long term vision for peerex network.
Hence after unanimous support from the community we have decided to initiate development on BSC chain which has several benefits over current status of Ether network. We will be conducting a swap for Erc20 to BSC based Perx as we are looking forward to reduce the total supply for the new PERX token on BSC chain, hence we can't use Bridge but rather do a complete swap to a new token, Details about new PERX on BSC chain along with the swap details will be published in next 48 hours.

PEEREX LAUNCHPAD: Since transaction mining platform does not have a great utility on BSC network due to lower gas fees, we have decided to make perx a launchpad token, The biggest strength of PEEREX NETWORK is its community, so what better then providing peerex holders with a chance to invest in private round for upcoming IDOs on BSC.
1: PERX Holders will be given the first priority to invest in the given IDO in the private round, making sure of allocation for the chosen project at the lowest rate

2: The launchpad projects will be chosen after voting via peerex official telegram group.

3: All the fees by the launchpad projects has to be paid in PERX, 50% of which has to be burnt and the rest 50% will be distributed to the perx holders in equal ratio depending upon their current holdings.

4: KYCD launchpad- We might not have been successful with our initial plan of making a transaction mining trading platform but we are committed to make “PERX GREAT AGAIN” hence whichever project gets launched on our platform we will do a strict KYC of the dev team to make sure of safety of funds of PEEREX community.

5: Liquidity Farming: Apart from high yield liquidity farming on BSC, Liquidity farmers for PERX/BNB pool will also be allocated a special percentage of airdrop for every project launching on PERX LAUNCHPAD.

More detailed use case and platform features will be announced with our new light paper of PERX LAUNCHPAD which will be released on April 05 2021.

#Tokens on all the exchanges have to be removed, as CEX will not be supported for SWAP
#Tokens locked in staking will be taken in consideration and new tokens will be given to all those who have tokens locked in UNIFYRE, Users with locked tokens on Unifyre, don't have to do anything.

PBULL AIRDROP- Pbull was fun token which was developed in collaboration with EBULL, but the EBULL team went silent. The level of communication by their dev team went dark right after snapshot, hence we decided to not to go ahead with it and move ahead with our plans for PEEREX.

Thank You for your support & patience.
PeerEx Network


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