Hello PeerEx Community,
As per our discussions in the community & team meeting we have reached a conclusion for our future course of action, but rest assured that this plan of action will only be implemented if the whole community unanimously supports our decision.

Hello Peerex Community,
As we all are well aware that Eth network is next to unuseable, and with that said &with current levels of Eth transaction fees, the transaction mining platform is not a successful idea to implement with the long term vision for peerex network.
Hence after unanimous support from the community we have decided to initiate development on BSC chain which has several benefits over current status of Ether network. …

Hello PeerEx Community,
Last week has been really great for PeerEx Network, With all the updates scheduled for next 1 month, we garnered some really amazing coverage due to the support and patience of our esteemed community.
So today we will be covering several updates that community has been patiently waiting for-

1)Beta Testing- We will be starting our beta testing from 02/16/2021,We will be selecting 25 Unique users from our community who will be given access to our beta platform, and they can use our platform in beta phase to earn back their partial gas fees while trading through…

Hello PeerEx Community,

As this day was turning out to be a super fun day for all the PeerEx holders, We thought of adding some more fire works to an already glorious day.

PeerEx is proud to introduce PeerEx Bull token developed in collaboration with Ebull (https://t.me/Ethereumbull)

PeerEx Bull is a Decentralised leverage token which is designed with an upside leverage of 3x and downside leverage of 2x which will help in reducing the risk for investors.

Max Supply: 50000
Initial Uniswap Liquidity: 30000 (60%)
PeerEx Holders: 5000 (10%) (airdrop)
Ebull holders: 5000 (10%) (airdrop)
Team: 7500 (15%)
Marketing: 2500 (5%)…

Hello PeerEx Community,
To begin with we would like to apologise to our community for delay in development and lack of communication from our side.
Due to some unavoidable circumstances we had to let go off the few team members from our development team that we hired, due to difference in opinion which led to delay in certain aspects of the project causing over burden on our internal developer but we assure you we never stopped working. After several regrouping sessions we have finally found a balance and we are working towards getting our pace back.
On development front we have completed the…

PeerEx Community,

We are overwhelmed with the kind of support we have garnered since our launch. In 10 days of our projects existence we have been able to create a dedicated and vibrant community. And due to the efforts of our community we have been able to get listed on Poloniex as well.
With out wasting much of your time lets jump straight to the topic of staking.
As we all know staking is the hot topic in defi space & investors in defi space expect good APR on their investments.

Keeping these things in mind PeerEx staking will…

PeerEx Network

A decentralized P2P Erc20 exchange market and lending platform. $Perx Telegram : http://t.me/PeerEx_Network

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